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Tanning Treatments in Bristol

Since the development of Sienna X tanning products in 2008, the range has gone on to take the UK tanning market by storm, and become one of the best loved products by professionals and celebrities alike. They are the official sponsors of The Brit Awards and Strictly Come Dancing. Sienna X is the queen of self-tans and features time and time again in the glossy magazines. There’s good reason for this, the finish is natural for all skin types whether you’re a natural dark beauty or an English rose.

We really want to add that tanning products aren’t just for girl’s are are equally suitable for men.

This manual treatment consists of a full exfoliation followed by Sienna X tinted self-tanning lotion, which works instantly for a streakless application with lasting results.

Once the tan has developed, you will have a gentle golden glow. For a darker shade, you can apply a second or third application (at home, if you wish). The depth of tan will depend on your own skin tone.

Aside from making you look the bees knees, a Sienna X tan can actually hide stretch marks and varicose veins.

Pre-treatment – a few points to consider

  • Avoid using other self tanning products at least 4 days before treatment.
  • Avoid waxing or shaving at least 24 hours before treatment.
  • Wear loose dark clothing with a dark coloured bra (or preferably none at all). Be aware that the guide colour can stain nylon or wool.
  • Black paper tangas will be provided on arrival. It is advised to wear these at home after treatment underneath loose clothing.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils as these can affect the treatment.

After treatment

  • Try to wear loose fitting clothing after your treatment.
  • Don’t shower or bathe for a minimum of four hours after the treatment. (The application develops over time.)
  • Don’t do anything that will make you perspire for at least 12 hours!
  • Don’t swim for at least 12 hours. Pool chemicals may bleach the colour, just like a normal tan. If you do swim, you can mix the tan and moisturiser together and apply as a body lotion afterwards.
  • Don’t use any kind of perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils until you have taken advice.
  • It is fine to leave the guide colour on overnight and shower in the morning. If a little of the colour does appear on your bed linen, it is just vegetable dye and will wash out of cotton.

Maintaining your tan

  • Use a recommended Body Moisturiser daily.
  • Exfoliate every other day with a recommended Body Polish to make sure your tan fades evenly.
  • Use a recommended Sunscreen if need be, as this will not strip off your tan.

Full body

30 mins


Spray tan in Yate salon

We use the same Sienna X spray tanning for a glowing finish.

Full body spray tan

15 mins